04 August 2005

Uh, why's this blog called Church of Style?

Never you mind. Anyway, what I'm working on right now is a column called "My Favorite Things" for the Madison weekly The Isthmus. It's about shopping. Not really. I notice lots of things. If I see a new storefront going up, I'll poke my head through the door and ask, "What're you doing in there? What's this gonna be?" So, why not make nosiness work for me. I notice lots of things and I'm curious. I worked in a Fair Trade gift store called A Greater Gift here in Madison. People would come in there all the time, like, "I never knew this place was here!" Like, how could you not? It's there. It's been there. Were you not looking? Nevermind. So, I'm putting this impulse to work. And this fits my shopping/fashion/design/decorative arts impulses, non?

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