04 August 2005

My Friend Andrea Loest

I met Andrea in Iowa City when we were both students there. She went on to bigger, better adventure in New Orleans; I stayed on in CIC a while longer. This past winter, Andrea emails me, like, "There's a picture of Jessica Simpson in one of my jackets in People." Holy fuck! A celebrity in People in one of her designs!!!!??? I've never seen her reality series and I don't really care about her--but I went wolfshit anyway. In the spring, I shot Andrea's designs for my fashion zine Fringe. Andrea has a brand new wesbsite that you can see at www.andrealoest.com. Andrea has done shows in London, New York, and Chicago. She's been living my fashion dream while I schlumped through shit jobs educational assistant at an alternative school. She gets loads of attention in NO. My interview of her ran in Venus Zine in 2003. Check out her site! I would love to buy her Office Bitch dress. I love the color.

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